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Histories of Women
Lee Mong Kow family, 1911 (British Columbia Archives, F-08202)

Family Life
by Bettina Bradbury

Women cleaning exteriors of railway passenger cars while men supervise, Montreal, 1946 (Canadian Pacific Archives, NS.3378)

Work Life
by Linda Kealey

Nellie McClung, in a group taken on the day the women's sufferage bill was passed, January 1917.(British Columbia Archives, B-06791)

Politics & Law
by Lorna R. McLean

Women's liberation group in Winnipeg, abortion rights protest, Aug. 8, 1970 (Department of Archives and Special Collections, The University of Manitoba, UM 58)

Reform & Activism
by Lisa Gaudet

Timeline of Women's History

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  • Interwar Feminism: The Case of the Ontario Women's Institutes, by Linda Ambrose
  • Domestic Servants: Confederation to the First World War, by Marilyn Barber
  • Women in the Quebec Cotton Industry in the Interwar Period, by Gail Cuthbert Brandt
  • Canadian Women's Bureau: Leading the Fight for Justice and Fair Play, by Catherine Briggs and Sandra Burt
  • Women and Party Politics in the Post-war Years, by Janine Brodie
  • Women and Religion on Canada, by Ruth Compton Brouwer
  • Immigration of Caribbean Nurses and Domestic Workers to Canada, 1955-1951, by Agnes Calliste
  • Ellen Fairclough, Canada's First Female Federal Cabinet Minister, by Margaret Conrad
  • Canadian Women's Christian Temperance Union, by Sharon Cook
  • Agnes MacPhail: The Individual and the Collectivity in Canadian History, by Terry Crowley
  • Female Job Ghetto or a new Professional Opportunity for Women? Clerical Work in Canada between 1900 and 1918, by Michèle Dagenais
  • Elderly Women in Late Victorian Canada, by Lisa Dillon
  • Ontario Mennonite Women and Dress, by Marlene Epp
  • Causes of the Great Depression in Canada, by Alan G. Green
  • Playing House: Gender Roles in the Chatelaine Ranch Bungalow, by Valerie Korinek
  • The Brothel As Workplace in Montreal in the Interwar Years, by Andrée Lévesque
  • The Radicalization of Finnish Farm Women in Northwestern Ontario, by Varpu Lindstrom
  • Married Women and Property Law in Canada, by Margaret McCallum
  • The Reproductive World of Women, by Wendy Mitchinson
  • Courtship and Weddings in the Interwar Period, by Suzanne Morton
  • The Women's Suffrage Movement in Canada, by Patricia Roome
  • Bitter Pill: Second Wave Feminist Critiques of Oral Contraception, by Christabelle Sethna
  • The "Girl Problem" in Late-Nineteenth and Early-Twentieth-Century Canada, by Carolyn Strange