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Histories of Canadian Society & Culture
Femmes travaillant (travail scientifique:  eprouvettes, etc.). (Archives Nationales du Qu├ębec (P97, Infirmiere)

Science & Technology
by Richard A. Jarrell

Sister Superior of the Hold Sacrament and the girls' choir, Bonsecours Church.  Montreal, Quebec.  October 1952. (NAC, PA-151654, photo by Frank Royal).

by David Marshall

Acadian Children Playing Hockey, Caraquet, NB, n.d. (PANB, Eudist Fathers Collection, P38-113)

by Bruce Kidd

The 1950s saw the introduction of home appliances advertised as easing the workload of women in the home. (NAC (PA-113435, photo by CMHC).)

Home Life
by James G. Snell

Group of gold-miners go off shift at giant Yellowknife Mine at Yellowknife, N.W.T.  July 1960 (G. Lunney, NAC, PA-111452)

Work Life
by James Naylor

Strikers at Market Square Prior to Regina Riot, Regina, SK, 1935. (SAB, R-A 27560-1)

Social Criticism
by R. Douglas Francis

Lee Mong Kow family, 1911 (British Columbia Archives, F-08202)

by Paul Axelrod

Pierre Elliott Trudeau with John Lennon and Yoko Ono (D. I. Cameron / Library and Archives Canada / PA-110805)

of Society & Culture

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  • Women and Science, by Marianne Gosztonyi Ainley
  • Housing in Post-war Montreal: A Case Study of Canadian Trends, by Marc Choko
  • Finding a Niche for Canadian Film in the Twentieth Century: To Agitate, Educate, or Entertain?, by Gary Evans
  • Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, by Michel Filion
  • Canadian Labour 1850 to 2001, by Alvin Finkel
  • Migration to Canada: The International Context, by Dirk Hoerder
  • Baseball and the Transformation of Twentieth-Century Canadian Society, by Colin D. Howell
  • Canada's Changing Ethnic Mix from 1860 to Present, by Valerie Knowles
  • Toronto since 1945, by James Lemon
  • Imagining A Nation: Canadian Culturalism and Cultural Policy, by Paull Litt
  • The Conservation Movement, by Alan MacEachern
  • The Personal Impact of the Great Depression, by Blair Neatby
  • The Baby Boom: Generational Identity and Post-War Society, by Douglas Owram
  • Youth, Science, Indignation: The Emergence of the Canadian Environmental Movement, by Jennifer Read
  • Removal of the Japanese from British Columbia's Coast: Causes and Consequences, by Patricia Roy
  • Multiculturalism in Canada, by Tamara Seiler
  • Divorce 1867 to the 1920s, by James Snell
  • Canadian Children in the Century of the Child, 1870s-2000, by Neil Sutherland
  • "We Don't Want To Lose You, but We Think You Ought To Go," Voluntarism and Conscientious Objections in Wartime Canada, by Jonathan F. Vance
  • Radio in English Canada to the Dawn of Television, by Mary Vipond
  • Race and Resistance in Halifax, Nova Scotia, 1945-1970, by James W. St. G. Walker
  • Protestant Ontario, by William Westfall
  • Hockey Night in Canada: Past, Present and Future, by Dave Whitson and Richard Gruneau