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Histories of Canada's Regions
Joseph Smallwood Signs Confederation Agreement, 11 Dec. 1948 and becomes Newfoundland's first premier.

Atlantic Canada
by Ernest Forbes

The 1980 Quebec sovereignty referendum became a battle between two skillful politicians, Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau and Quebec premier René Lévesque, cartoon by Aislin

by Jean-Claude Robert

By the end of the war, some 35,000 women worked in munitions factories in Quebec and Ontario, like this one in Renfrew, Ontario

by P.E. Bryden

Prime Minister John A. Macdonald's government granted the CPR $25 million, generous land allotments of 25 million acres along the main line, and a 20-year monopoly. Province like Manitoba, depicted here, tried to overturn the CPR's privileges.

by John Herd Thompson

Starting in the late 1850s, Chinese men, like this one, worked in many of the resource industries of British Columbia

British Columbia
by John Douglas Belshaw

Traditional Inuit culture was undermined in classrooms like this one, and young children were trapped between two cultures.

by William R. Morrison

Regions Timeline

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  • Industrial Development in the Trois Riviéres Hinterland, by Claude Bellavance and France Normand
  • The Leduc Oil Discovery and the Making of Modern Alberta, by David Breen
  • The Fisheries of Atlantic Canada, 1950s-1998: Economic Modernization, Ecological Collapse, and the Crisis of Coastal Communities, by Sean Cadigan
  • Profile of a Prairie Settlement Community, Abernethy, Saskatchewan, 1880-1904, by Lyle Dick
  • L'Action Libérale Nationale and the Origins of the Union Nationale, by Patricia Dirks
  • Canada's Newest Territory: the Formation of Nunavut, by R. Quinn Duffy
  • The Quiet Revolution, by Lucia Ferretti
  • Newfoundland in the 1940s: Becoming a Province, by James K. James K. Hiller
  • Newfoundland: The Experience of Independence, by James K. Hiller
  • Industrialization and the Maritime Provinces, 1867-1913, by Chris Inwood
  • Acadian Renaissance, by Phyllis LecBlanc
  • Henri Bourassa, Lionel Groulx, and Nationalism in Quebec, 1900-1940, by Susan Mann
  • The Promise of Hydro? Comparative and Contrasting Hydro-Electric Development in Ontario and Quebec, by Jean Manore
  • The Changing Role of the State in Quebec, from 1945 through the Quiet Revolution, by Dominique Marshall
  • The Mounted Police North of 60, by Bill Morrison
  • The Coal Miners Revolt: Nova Scotia's Coal Fields, 1922-25, by Delphin A. Muise
  • From Flying Boats to Twin Otters: The Story of Bush Flying in Canada, by Pat Myers
  • A History of Inuit Birthing in Northern Canada, by John D. O'Neil, Patricia L. Kaufert and Christopher Fletcher
  • Klondike Society, by Charlene Porsild
  • Quebec Historical Writing on the Post-Confederation Period , by Rondald Rudin
  • "Wooden Ships and Iron Men" of the Maritime Provinces, by Eric Sager
  • North-West Rebellion, by Bill Waiser