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Histories of Canadian Politics & Economy

World Economy
by Richard Pomfret

U.S. president Franklin D. Roosevelt, British prime minister Winston Churchill, and Canadian prime minister William Lyon Mackenzie King meet during the Second World War. Since before Confederation, relations between Canada's two closest allies have deeply affected the nation.

World Politics
by Robert Bothwell

Lord Strathcona drove the

Domestic Economy
by Rick Szostak

The Reform Party and the Bloc Québécois, although having strong ties to the Brian Mulroney-era Conservatives, emerged as seperate entities when the Conservatives started to disintegrate.

Domestic Politics
by John English

The War-time Elections Act, 1917, enfranchised the mothers, widows, wives, sisters, and daughters of Canadian military personnel. The franchise for other women came later.

Politics & Economy Timeline

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Laurier, by Réal Bélanger

Quantitative Dimensions of Canadian Economics Growth, 1867-1926, by Morris Altman

Quebec and Confederation: A Quantitative Overview of Some Old Questions, by Morris Altman

Language Legislation and Official Bilingualism: The Uneasy Coexistence of Canada's Language Communities, by Edmund Aunger

The October Crisis, by Éric Bédard

Canada and the Vietnam War, by Robert Bothwell

Winnipeg Strike and the Canadian Labour Revolt, 1903, by David Bright

Managing the Canadian Economy: The Post-war Experience, by Robert Campbell

Transcontinental Railways and Canadian Nationalism, by A. A. Den Otter

An Economic Perspective on the Building of the Canadian Pacific Railway, by Livio Di Matteo

Pearson, by John English

Communism in Canada, 1919-1939, by Alvin Finkel

The Road to Free Trade, by Michael Hart

Canadian Imperialism and the British Empire, 1867-1918, by Wade A. Henry

The Avro Arrow, by Russell Isinger

Controlling Information in Canada through Two World Wars, by Jeff Keshen

Max Aitken and the Great Laurier Boom, by Greg Marchildon

Steeling the Nation: The Emergence of Canadian Iron and Steel Production, 1729-1914, by Duncan McDowall

Canada and the South African War, by Carman Miller

James Shaver Woodsworth and the Third, Political Way, by Allen Mills

What Happened to Canadian Veterans after Two World Wars, by Desmond Morton

Biography of William Lyon Mackenzie King, by Blair Neatby

The Maritimes, Newfoundland, and Confederation, by Ken Pryke

Canadians and the Face of Battle, by Bill Rawlings

A Brief History of Banking in Canada: The Interwar Years, by Angela Redish

The Canadian Wheat Economy, by Ted Regehr

Canada's Military Effort in the World Wars, by Roger Sarty

Canada and the Cuban Missile Crisis, by Denis Smith

The Flag Debate, 1964, by Denis Smith

The Exodus: Leaving Home in the Age of Industry, by Patricia A. Thornton

The Canadians in Korea, 1950-53, by Brent Watson

Canada and the Cold War, by Reg Whitaker

Canadian Immigration Policy, by Reg Whitaker