The restrictions on travel and other rights imposed on the Western tribes in the period following the 1885 Rebellion rarely resulted in violence by the Native peoples. In 1895, however, the N-WMP and other authorities feared that an organized violent response was imminent when Almighty Voice, a Cree arrested for killing cattle, escaped from the Duck Lake jail and murdered his pursuer, Sergeant C.C. Colebrook of the N-WMP. The death of a N-WMP officer in the line of duty was a rare event, and Colebrook's murder caused considerable excitement in the press. This clamour intensified as Almighty Voice eluded capture for almost 18 months. Family and other band members hid the escapee until he was eventually discovered in May 1897, increasing fears that a third rebellion on the Canadian Prairies would break out. In the battle to flush Almighty Voice from his hiding place near Duck Lake, three more policemen were killed and two injured. The standoff was finally ended only by a barrage from two field cannons during which Almighty Voice was killed.

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