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Check back for Native History Case Studies
  • Challenges in the Writing of History: A Case Study of Native History, by Kerry Abel
  • Native Policy since 1945, by Kerry Abel and John F. Leslie
  • "Top Dog: The Role of the Indian Agent in Ontario, 1900-1945", by Robin Brownlie
  • Confederation Reshaped: The Boundaries of Ontario and Quebec and Aboriginal Rights, by Barry Cottam
  • Always about the Land: The Oka Crisis of 1975, by Jane Dickson-Gilmore
  • The Migration and Dispersal of the Red River Metis, by Gerhard Ens
  • Law, History, and Aboriginal Title: Calder v. the Attorney General of British Columbia, by Hamar Foster
  • Colonial Power, Aboriginal Belief, and Medical Pluralism: A British Columbia Case Study, 1900-1950, by Mary Ellen Kelm
  • Adaption and Retention: The Meeting of Native and Canadian Legal Systems in the North West Territories in the Late Nineteenth Century, by R.C. Macleod and Heather Rollason
  • Banff Indian Days and Public Perceptions, by Laurie Meijer-Drees
  • Broken Promises and Deadly Bullets: The Stoney Point Native Land Claim, by Helen Roos
  • Lawyers and Indians, by Douglas Sanders
  • The Steinhauer Brothers: Two First Nation Christian Missionaries, by Donald B. Smith
  • Wartime Contributions of Aboriginal Peoples, by Janice Summerby
  • Indian Affairs, 1918-1945, by Brian Titley


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