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Canada's first major multimedia history
Written jointly by a team of anglophone and francophone historians
Peer-reviewed for accuracy and interpretation
by an editorial team of leading anglophone and francophone scholars
We begin by publishing 3 histories of Native peoples
and a timeline of important events in Native history

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Women's History

Family Life, by Bettina Bradbury

Work Life, by Linda Kealey

Politics & Law, by Lorna R. McLean

Reform & Activism, by Lisa Gaudet

Women's Timeline

Society & Culture

Science & Technology, by Richard A. Jarrell

Religion, by David Marshall

Sports, by Bruce Kidd

Home Life, by James G. Snell, by James Naylor

Work Life, by James Naylor

Social Criticism, by R. Douglas Francis

Education, by Paul Axelrod

Society & Culture Timeline

Politics & Economy

World Economy, by Richard Pomfret

World Politics, by Robert Bothwell

Domestic Economy, by Rick Szostak

Domestic Politics, by John English

Politics & Economy Timeline


Atlantic Canada, by Ernest Forbes

Quebec, by Jean-Claude Robert

Ontario, by P.E. Bryden

Prairies, by John Herd Thompson

British Columbia, by John Douglas Belshaw

North, by William R. Morrison

Regions Timeline

Case Studies

Challenges in the Writing of History: A Case Study of Native History, by Kerry Abel

Native Policy since 1945, by Kerry Abel and John F. Leslie

Women and Science, by Marianne Gosztonyi Ainley

Quantitative Dimensions of Canadian Economics Growth, 1867-1926, by Morris Altman

Quebec and Confederation: A Quantitative Overview of Some Old Questions, by Morris Altman

Interwar Feminism: The Case of the Ontario Women's Institutes, by Linda Ambrose

Language Legislation and Official Bilingualism: The Uneasy Coexistence of Canada's Language Communities, by Edmund Aunger

Domestic Servants: Confederation to the First World War, by Marilyn Barber

The October Crisis, by Éric Bédard

Laurier, by Réal Bélanger

Industrial Development in the Trois Riviéres Hinterland, by Claude Bellavance and France Normand

Canada and the Vietnam War, by Robert Bothwell

Women in the Quebec Cotton Industry in the Interwar Period, by Gail Cuthbert Brandt

The Leduc Oil Discovery and the Making of Modern Alberta, by David Breen

Canadian Women's Bureau: Leading the Fight for Justice and Fair Play, by Catherine Briggs and Sandra Burt

Winnipeg Strike and the Canadian Labour Revolt, 1903, by David Bright

Women and Party Politics in the Post-war Years, by Janine Brodie

Women and Religion on Canada, by Ruth Compton Brouwer

"Top Dog: The Role of the Indian Agent in Ontario, 1900-1945", by Robin Brownlie

The Fisheries of Atlantic Canada, 1950s-1998: Economic Modernization, Ecological Collapse, and the Crisis of Coastal Communities, by Sean Cadigan

Immigration of Caribbean Nurses and Domestic Workers to Canada, 1955-1951, by Agnes Calliste

Managing the Canadian Economy: The Post-war Experience, by Robert Campbell

Housing in Post-war Montreal: A Case Study of Canadian Trends, by Marc Choko

Ellen Fairclough, Canada's First Female Federal Cabinet Minister, by Margaret Conrad

Canadian Women's Christian Temperance Union, by Sharon Cook

Confederation Reshaped: The Boundaries of Ontario and Quebec and Aboriginal Rights, by Barry Cottam

Agnes MacPhail: The Individual and the Collectivity in Canadian History, by Terry Crowley

Female Job Ghetto or a new Professional Opportunity for Women? Clerical Work in Canada between 1900 and 1918, by Michèle Dagenais

Transcontinental Railways and Canadian Nationalism, by A. A. Den Otter

An Economic Perspective on the Building of the Canadian Pacific Railway, by Livio Di Matteo

Profile of a Prairie Settlement Community, Abernethy, Saskatchewan, 1880-1904, by Lyle Dick

Always about the Land: The Oka Crisis of 1975, by Jane Dickson-Gilmore

Elderly Women in Late Victorian Canada, by Lisa Dillon

L'Action Libérale Nationale and the Origins of the Union Nationale, by Patricia Dirks

Canada's Newest Territory: the Formation of Nunavut, by R. Quinn Duffy

Pearson, by John English

The Migration and Dispersal of the Red River Metis, by Gerhard Ens

Ontario Mennonite Women and Dress, by Marlene Epp

Finding a Niche for Canadian Film in the Twentieth Century: To Agitate, Educate, or Entertain?, by Gary Evans

The Quiet Revolution, by Lucia Ferretti

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, by Michel Filion

Canadian Labour 1850 to 2001, by Alvin Finkel

Communism in Canada, 1919-1939, by Alvin Finkel

Law, History, and Aboriginal Title: Calder v. the Attorney General of British Columbia, by Hamar Foster

Causes of the Great Depression in Canada, by Alan G. Green

The Road to Free Trade, by Michael Hart

Canadian Imperialism and the British Empire, 1867-1918, by Wade A. Henry

Newfoundland in the 1940s: Becoming a Province, by James K. James K. Hiller

Newfoundland: The Experience of Independence, by James K. Hiller

Migration to Canada: The International Context, by Dirk Hoerder

Baseball and the Transformation of Twentieth-Century Canadian Society, by Colin D. Howell

Industrialization and the Maritime Provinces, 1867-1913, by Chris Inwood

The Avro Arrow, by Russell Isinger

Colonial Power, Aboriginal Belief, and Medical Pluralism: A British Columbia Case Study, 1900-1950, by Mary Ellen Kelm

Controlling Information in Canada through Two World Wars, by Jeff Keshen

Canada's Changing Ethnic Mix from 1860 to Present, by Valerie Knowles

Playing House: Gender Roles in the Chatelaine Ranch Bungalow, by Valerie Korinek

Acadian Renaissance, by Phyllis LecBlanc

Toronto since 1945, by James Lemon

The Brothel As Workplace in Montreal in the Interwar Years, by Andrée Lévesque

The Radicalization of Finnish Farm Women in Northwestern Ontario, by Varpu Lindstrom

Imagining A Nation: Canadian Culturalism and Cultural Policy, by Paull Litt

The Conservation Movement, by Alan MacEachern

Adaption and Retention: The Meeting of Native and Canadian Legal Systems in the North West Territories in the Late Nineteenth Century, by R.C. Macleod and Heather Rollason

Henri Bourassa, Lionel Groulx, and Nationalism in Quebec, 1900-1940, by Susan Mann

The Promise of Hydro? Comparative and Contrasting Hydro-Electric Development in Ontario and Quebec, by Jean Manore

Max Aitken and the Great Laurier Boom, by Greg Marchildon

The Changing Role of the State in Quebec, from 1945 through the Quiet Revolution, by Dominique Marshall

Married Women and Property Law in Canada, by Margaret McCallum

Steeling the Nation: The Emergence of Canadian Iron and Steel Production, 1729-1914, by Duncan McDowall

Banff Indian Days and Public Perceptions, by Laurie Meijer-Drees

Canada and the South African War, by Carman Miller

James Shaver Woodsworth and the Third, Political Way, by Allen Mills

The Reproductive World of Women, by Wendy Mitchinson

The Mounted Police North of 60, by Bill Morrison

What Happened to Canadian Veterans after Two World Wars, by Desmond Morton

Courtship and Weddings in the Interwar Period, by Suzanne Morton

The Coal Miners Revolt: Nova Scotia's Coal Fields, 1922-25, by Delphin A. Muise

From Flying Boats to Twin Otters: The Story of Bush Flying in Canada, by Pat Myers

Biography of William Lyon Mackenzie King, by Blair Neatby

The Personal Impact of the Great Depression, by Blair Neatby

A History of Inuit Birthing in Northern Canada, by John D. O'Neil, Patricia L. Kaufert and Christopher Fletcher

The Baby Boom: Generational Identity and Post-War Society, by Douglas Owram

Klondike Society, by Charlene Porsild

The Maritimes, Newfoundland, and Confederation, by Ken Pryke

Canadians and the Face of Battle, by Bill Rawlings

Youth, Science, Indignation: The Emergence of the Canadian Environmental Movement, by Jennifer Read

A Brief History of Banking in Canada: The Interwar Years, by Angela Redish

The Canadian Wheat Economy, by Ted Regehr

The Women's Suffrage Movement in Canada, by Patricia Roome

Broken Promises and Deadly Bullets: The Stoney Point Native Land Claim, by Helen Roos

Removal of the Japanese from British Columbia's Coast: Causes and Consequences, by Patricia Roy

Quebec Historical Writing on the Post-Confederation Period , by Rondald Rudin

"Wooden Ships and Iron Men" of the Maritime Provinces, by Eric Sager

Lawyers and Indians, by Douglas Sanders

Canada's Military Effort in the World Wars, by Roger Sarty

Multiculturalism in Canada, by Tamara Seiler

Bitter Pill: Second Wave Feminist Critiques of Oral Contraception, by Christabelle Sethna

Canada and the Cuban Missile Crisis, by Denis Smith

The Flag Debate, 1964, by Denis Smith

The Steinhauer Brothers: Two First Nation Christian Missionaries, by Donald B. Smith

Divorce 1867 to the 1920s, by James Snell

The "Girl Problem" in Late-Nineteenth and Early-Twentieth-Century Canada, by Carolyn Strange

Wartime Contributions of Aboriginal Peoples, by Janice Summerby

Canadian Children in the Century of the Child, 1870s-2000, by Neil Sutherland

Indian Affairs, 1918-1945, by Brian Titley

"We Don't Want To Lose You, but We Think You Ought To Go," Voluntarism and Conscientious Objections in Wartime Canada, by Jonathan F. Vance

Radio in English Canada to the Dawn of Television, by Mary Vipond

North-West Rebellion, by Bill Waiser

Race and Resistance in Halifax, Nova Scotia, 1945-1970, by James W. St. G. Walker

The Canadians in Korea, 1950-53, by Brent Watson

Protestant Ontario, by William Westfall

Canada and the Cold War, by Reg Whitaker

Canadian Immigration Policy, by Reg Whitaker

Hockey Night in Canada: Past, Present and Future, by Dave Whitson and Richard Gruneau